12986979_1220438821322298_2127411388104961870_nPandeiro Workshop

11. maj klokken 17:00 – 22:00. Tagensbo Skole. Magistervej 4, 2400 København

A workshop focused on the modern technique of playing brazilian pandeiro.
This type of technique developed by Marcos Suzano, gives this little instrument a huge possibility of sounds and combination of them to play virtually every rhythm on it..
The pandeiro becomes really a pocket drumset!

Besides the technique , will be covered traditional afro-brazilian folkloric rhythms adapted to pandeiro, like Maracatu, Coco , Cabula, Congo, Ijexà and many more; and also modern grooves like Funk, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, etc.
Some improvisational technique will be covered also for a complete immersion in the possibilities of this wonderful instrument.
All levels accepeted!

Bring your own pandeiro and joy :)

For info on booking and logistics contact Eva at:
For reservation transfer 250 kroner on mobilepay to Eva . Her number is 26951036 and ad your name on the transfer.

About JA É

JA E’ it’s a slang from Rio de Janeiro “favelas”, you can hear it shouted or whispered at every corner in the streets of the marvelous city.
It can mean many things but it’s always close to a contagious good vibe of “ we can make it happen” , “our dream it’s already reality! “
Rio has fascinated so much the italian percussionist Andrea Trabucco, that he spent 3 years among the real carioca people and musicians searching for the roots of afro-brazilian rhythms and magic.
From living in a real favela “comunidade” where are still alive the rots of samba music, to the ritual rhythms and culture of beautiful afro-brazilian religion Candomblè , to the bohemian parties in the Lapa artistic district , suburbian “pagodes” and black movement parties, finally to performing with a crazy dancing multitude at the greatest show on earth, the Rio Carnival at the famous Sambodromo and in different blocos de rua , with his teachers and friends, among them Eduardo Fuentes from Bangalafumenga , Gabriel Policarpo of PRD and Batuquebato. He studied Pandeiro with Marcos Suzano and Sergio Krakowski, and Candomblè with Dofono de Ormolu, and lived and played in many ensaios of samba schools like Portela , Estacio, Em Cima da Hora and others.
Andrea earned the name of JA E’ from this many experiences and friends he made along the way, and takes the inspiration for his arrangements and workshops in the real musical experiences he lives in Rio each year since 2005 and from the beauty and magic that beats alive in the music of Brazil.

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