Afro-brazilian Dance Workshop With ‘Benjamin Abras (BR)’

‘O Corpo Tambor’
Dança de Orixás (afro-brazilian) workshop with Benjamin Abras.

The 15th, 16th,17th and 18th of March 2018.

These 4 days of workshops will be treating the rythm ‘Ijexá’ and ‘Dança de Orixás’ the dances of the afro-brazilian Gods.
Ijexá is the rythm present in the divinity of the dance movements of the Goddess ‘Oxum’. She is the goddess of fresh water, beauty and the divinity of the effects of love.

Danças de Orixás is a legacy of the african diaspora (the transfer of millions of africans to the american continent to be used as slaves)
To dance the Ixejá is to surrender yourself to the power of the feminine movements, and to follow the energi of the wawes that leads you to move all the impulses and muscles in your body from your head and through your back, arms, fingers, torax, legs and feets.
All workshops will be focusing on the movements and the dançes of the afro-brazilian Gods (orixás)

About Benjamin Abras;
Benjamin Abras is an brazilian dancer, actor, director of dance and theater, poet, essayist, dramatist, visual artist, singer and composer wich uses and get his inspiration in the language of the traditions of the afro-brazilian religions candomblé, Umbanda and Capoeira Angola.

The workshops are open for everyone and from dancers from all kind of dance styles.

Thursday the 15/3
18pm-20pm Workshop 1
Place: Christianshavns Beboerhus*

Friday the 16/3
18pm-20pm Workshop 2
Place: Christianshavns beboerhus*

Saturday the 17/3
10am-12am Workshop 3
12am-1pm Break
1pm-3pm Workshop 4
Place: Kapelvej 44 **

Sunday the 18/3
9.30am-11.30am Workshop 5
11.30am-12am Break
12am-2pm Workshop 6
Place: Kapelvej 44**

*Dronningensgade 34, 1420 Kbh K
**Kapelvej 44, 2200 Kbh N

1 workshop 300,- kr
2 workshops 450,- kr
3 workshops 650,- kr
4 workshops 850,- kr
5 workshops 1050,- kr
6 workshops 1250,- kr

To register yourself please send an email with your full name and your phone number to Also write which workshops you will be partipating in ex. ”3 Workshops 1+2+3” (thursday, friday and saturday morning) or ”5 Workshops 2+3+4+5+6” (friday, saturday all day and sunday all day). The number of the workshops you will find in the program above. Please write ”Afro-brazilian Workshop” in the subject field in the email.

All payments for the workshops will be handled through this link

Please note!!!
The payment can not be refunded, but you are welcome to sell your ticket to other part. Just remember to inform us in an email to

For the buyer of another persons ticket: Register yourself as described in the registration field above and please write ‘Afro-brazilian Workshop Bytte’ in the subject field in your email.

Hope to see you all to this exciting workshop with Benjamin Abras in Copenhagen!

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